1. May 8, 2014

    We've added a few new lookups to the comics endpoint based on some requests which have come in from our developers.

    • Title and titleStartsWith - you can now look up comics using the full or partial title of the series they belong to. For example, http://gateway.marvel.com/v1/public/comics?titleStartsWith=s will now return all issues in series whose title starts with the letter s.

    • IssueNumber - allows you to look up issues by issue number. http://gateway.marvel.com/v1/public/comics?issueNumber=1 will return comics with the issue number of 1.

    • StartYear - allows you to look up comics from series with specific start years (Marvel uses the start year as the effective volume number). http://gateway.marvel.com/v1/public/comics?startYear=2004 will return comics from series with a start year of 2004.

  2. These lookups allow you to find comics without having to drill down using the series endpoint. As always, thanks for all the great work that you're doing with the Marvel Comics API!

  1. March 6, 2014

    The response to the launch of the Marvel Comics API has been amazing. Thousands of people have signed up for keys and we've seen some uncanny applications produced by an incredible community of developers.

    We've also received some great feedback and a handful of bug reports from developers. Based on this feedback we've made the several updates to the API. Many of the bug fixes listed below have been in production for a little while, but we thought we'd list them here for completeness.

    • New! Series, events, characters and creators can now be filtered by partially-completed names. For example, the URL http://gateway.marvel.com/v1/public/characters?nameStartsWith=s will now return all characters starting with the letter s.

    • New! Comics can now be filtered by UPC, EAN, ISSN, ISBN, Marvel Digital ID and Diamond Code.

    • New! Series can now be filtered by start year.

    • New! Attribution notices are now included in API results (so you don't have to manually code them into your site or app).

    • Fixed! Several bugs related to the handling of conditional responses and if-none-match headers are fixed.

    • Fixed! Several UI issues in the Marvel Developer Portal have been resolved.

    • Fixed! Some errors and omissions in the interactive documentation have been corrected.

    • Updated! We have incremented the API version from Beast to Cable.

  2. Oh, and one more thing... We're happy to announce that we have tripled the daily rate limit for most API users. New and existing API users will now default to a rate limit of 3000 calls per day.