Published June 18, 2024

'Deadpool Vs. Wolverine: Slash 'Em Up' Unleashes Bloody Mayhem on Madripoor

'Deadpool Vs. Wolverine: Slash 'Em Up' writer Christos Gage explores the impact of violence, Wade Wilson's enduring sincerity, Logan's history in Madripoor, and more.

For the right price, Deadpool will do whatever it takes to finish a job—even if that means crossing blades with Wolverine!

In DEADPOOL VS. WOLVERINE: SLASH 'EM UP (2024), Deadpool's latest assignment takes him all the way to Madripoor to retrieve (that is, steal) the latest advancement in biotechnology. Unfortunately for him, Wolverine has his own plans for this device, pitting them against each other as well as the entire security forces of Madri-Gen. 

Speaking to, DEADPOOL VS. WOLVERINE: SLASH 'EM UP writer Christos Gage explored the dynamic between the Merc With a Mouth and the Best There Is, from the similarities in their origins to their radically different attitudes. He explained how the impact of their violence ups the stakes, while the setting offered all kinds of opportunities for both characters. He also praised artist Alan Robinson's character work, teased his favorite moments, and so much more.

MARVEL.COM: Deadpool and Wolverine really get bloodied up in this adventure. When it comes to characters like these two, what's the line between too much and just enough, and how do you find that?

CHRISTOS GAGE: The fact that they have a healing factor, and the fact that we're walking right up to an R rating without stepping over that line, means we can up the ante in terms of the punishment they can take. [Artist] Alan Robinson was so great at drawing Deadpool getting squished that I had him squashed two or three more times than I planned to. 

But you also have to remember that it hurts. You can't just make the violence meaningless. Just because they're going to heal doesn't mean it has no effect. It has to mean something. Just like on the Daredevil TV show, the simple fact that the actors and stunt performers actually breathed heavy, grabbed walls to hold themselves up, and staggered during fight scenes (which hadn't been the case for other super hero shows) made the fights seem to have much higher stakes. It's how the violence affects the characters that matters.

MARVEL.COM: Wade Wilson always works best when he has someone to bounce off of. What makes Wolverine, in particular, the perfect straight man for Deadpool?

CHRISTOS GAGE: I mean, you look at the classic comedy teams. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. Even though both are hilarious, one is the straight man, and that's Logan. He's super serious, buttoned up, and very eyes-on-the prize, while Deadpool bounces off the walls… often literally. But while they're polar opposites that way, they also have so much in common… Weapon X, healing factors, dark pasts. It's like they're meant to be together.

DEADPOOL VS. WOLVERINE: SLASH 'EM UP INFINITY COMIC (2024) #1 artwork by Alan Robinson
DEADPOOL VS. WOLVERINE: SLASH 'EM UP INFINITY COMIC (2024) #1 artwork by Alan Robinson

MARVEL.COM: DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: SLASH 'EM UP is packed with that classic Wade Wilson humor. What's the key to writing an authentic, genuinely funny Deadpool?

CHRISTOS GAGE: I'm flattered you'd ask, because I'm not sure I'm the right person to answer! While I think I may have written Deadpool before in a brief appearance or two, this is my first leading role story for Wade, so I appreciate that you thought it felt authentic. I just tried to capture his voice based on the many stories I've read, going back to his first appearance.
The important thing to remember about Deadpool is that he's sincere. He's completely nuts, but he means it. And he is delighted by things like cool weapons and pretty explosions and a well-timed catchphrase. He's not mocking anyone. What you see is what you get, as crazy as that may be.

MARVEL.COM: What made Madripoor the right setting for this story?

CHRISTOS GAGE: Madripoor is full of sketchy activity, a mix of legit corporations and criminal organizations (along with superhumans, cyborgs, supernatural beings, aliens, and so on), and Wolverine has a long history there, all of which worked perfectly for our needs!

MARVEL.COM: Tell me a little about working with Alan Robinson. What's something he brought to the series that surprised and delighted you? 

CHRISTOS GAGE: Gosh, so much… aside from the above-mentioned "squishing Deadpool," he was terrific at making the most of the vertical format of the story. And action, character design, storytelling in general… but the one thing that stood out to me was how great he was with character acting—especially Deadpool, who is covered head to toe in his costume, so you can't see his face. 

Alan is so skilled, you always know how Wade is feeling, and not because he's making exaggerated gestures like a mime (unless it's appropriate for the scene). Alan's just great with body language and composing a panel. It was a treat to work with him!

MARVEL.COM: What are you most excited for readers to see in DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE: SLASH 'EM UP?

CHRISTOS GAGE: All of it! Will they get my outdated pop culture references? Will they like the mashups of sci-fi and magic? Will they enjoy the male bonding? I hope so, because I had a blast writing these guys and I'd love to do it again!

DEADPOOL VS. WOLVERINE: SLASH 'EM UP #1 is available to read now on Marvel Unlimited!

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