Published March 14, 2019

Kate Bishop's First Appearance

Look back at the other Hawkeye's debut in the pages of 'Young Avengers'!

Every week we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to celebrate a major character's first appearance in the hallowed halls of the House of Ideas.

Kate Bishop has made quite a name for herself in the Marvel Universe in recent years. She first picked up Hawkeye's Super Hero mantle when he wasn't around to use it and then she carried it on even after his return (sometimes better than the Avenging Archer himself)!

Now, with her adventures continuing alongside the madcap WEST COAST AVENGERS each month, everyone wants to find out everything they can about the arrow-slinger!


To find out how she get her hands on a bow, though, we've got to look back to 2005's YOUNG AVENGERS #1-6 by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. In the very first issue of that series, new heroes Iron Lad, Hulkling, Patriot, and Asgardian (now known as Wiccan) burst into a cathedral to stop five armed men from making off with some valuables they were attempting to nab.

But the baddies made a big mistake that day when they messed with Kate Bishop! Decked out in a purple dress, she did not agree with the plan to just let the thieves waltz out the front door. So when the heroes burst in, she tried to get in on the action and briefly wound up as a hostage until she stabbed the guy in the leg with one of Patriot's throwing stars.

Young Avengers (2005) #1

Young Avengers (2005) #1

    • publishedFeb 9, 2005
    • added to marvel unlimitedFeb 29, 2009
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With the danger over, the boys flew off and Kate went to the hospital to get checked out. While there, she met Cassie Lang, who intended to get her dad's old Ant-Man gear and join up with the Young Avengers. Kate and Cassie then made their way to the destroyed Avengers Mansion in time to see the Young Avengers arrive.

While there, she met Captain America, Jessica Jones, Iron Man, and the recently rebooted Vision, saw Cassie's powers manifest, and managed to free her fellow teens when they got locked in a room after Kang attacked. While the others got their costumes on, Bishop raided as many old bed rooms as she could for weapons. Rocking Mockingbird's mask and battle staves, Swordsman's sword, and Hawkeye's archery gear, Bishop got ready to take on the time-traveling despot.

Hawkeye (2016) #1

Hawkeye (2016) #1

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After she and the Young Avengers helped stop Kang, Captain America said that he would train them—but only if their parents gave the okay. Not wanting their elders to know, they all walked away from the deal...but not from each other. Kate blazed a new trail by getting them the old Bishop Publishing building as a lair and having new uniforms made for the squad.

In the second half of the first YOUNG AVENGERS run, Kate helped take on Mr. Hyde, took on a leadership role, and continued a (somewhat strained) relationship with Patriot. Readers found out where some of skills came from in YOUNG AVENGERS SPECIAL when she told Jessica Jones that she took up self-defense and archery after being attacked in the park.

After fighting valiantly alongside the Avengers to stop a new version of the Kree-Skrull War from pivoting around Hulkling, Captain America himself offered her both Hawkeye's name and his bow to carry on her hero career.

West Coast Avengers (2018) #1

West Coast Avengers (2018) #1

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And she's been doing exactly that ever since, even getting the okay from Clint Barton himself to keep on as Hawkeye. In addition to the name, they've also shared more than one comic title, starting with HAWKEYE and carrying on right now with WEST COAST AVENGERS!

Read these titles and more on Marvel Unlimited right now! Then visit your local comic shop to read WEST COAST AVENGERS #9 next Wednesday, March 20!



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