Published April 21, 2022

Remembering Garry Leach, 1954-2022

Earlier this year, artist Garry Leach passed away at the age of 67. He was a widely respected comic book veteran whose memorable projects included the revival of MARVELMAN in the ‘80s, but Leach’s talents extended far beyond penciling. Over the course of his decades in the industry, Leach was also a writer, inker, editor, colorist, letterer, editor, and even a publisher. 

Early in his career, Leach contributed artwork for the British anthology series 2000 AD, and in 1981, he teamed up with writer Alan Moore on a revival of MARVELMAN that redefined the character for the modern era. Although Leach’s stint as the MARVELMAN artist was short, his visual style on that character proved to be extremely popular and became an iconic run for the character. After Alan Davis took over the artistic duties on the book, Leach remained involved as an inker. The series was later retitled MIRACLEMAN, and Leach’s work continued to be highly influential on other artists. 

Miracleman (2014) #16 variant cover by Garry Leach
MIRACLEMAN (2014) #16 variant cover by Garry Leach

Leach also contributed to a wide-ranging selection of Marvel titles over the years, including THE TWELVE, UNIVERSE X, HOWARD THE DUCK MAX, and X-MEN: MILLENNIAL VISIONS.

Outside of Marvel, Leach’s credits included JUDGE DREDD and DAN DARE for 2000 AD, HITMAN and GLOBAL FREQUENCY for DC Comics, BATTLEFIELDS for Dynamite, and assorted Disney comics for multiple publishers. 

Leach was beloved by many of his fellow comic creators, and he will be sorely missed. We send our thoughts and condolences to Leach’s family, friends, and fans all over the world.