Published November 13, 2018

Stan Lee: The Greatest Characters

An amazingly abridged list of the best characters co-created by Stan Lee.

Face front, True Believers, and recognize this marvelous multitude of characters, the most bombastic co-creations of the late, great Stan “The Man” Lee…

Spider-Man – The wisecracking everyman with the amazing powers of a spider and the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Mr. Fantastic – The brainiac leader of the Fantastic Four whose heart and limbs stretch to encompass his family and with them protects and defends entire worlds.

The Thing – The monster with a heart of pure gold and the strength to not only bring evil to heel, but to persevere past his own misfortune.

The Invisible Woman – The welcoming soul of the Fantastic Four who turns transparent at will yet presents an unmovable blockade to those who threaten her loved ones.

The Human Torch – The hotheaded young man whose fiery form lights up the night to guide the innocent to shelter and criminals to justice.

The HulkThe green giant whose wish for peace and tranquility never stands in the way of smashing injustice wherever he finds it.

Spider-Man Amazing Fantasy 15 panel

Doctor Doom – The scarred despot who hides behind an iron mask but declares open hostility on anyone who dares stand in his path to total domination.

ThorThe thunder god of the ancient world who walks in modern times and swings his hammer to bring a storm down upon evil.

LokiBrother to Thor and the master of mischief whose words may mystify, motivate, mangle, malign, or marvel… depending on the trickster’s whims.

Ant-ManThe diminutive hero who talks to insects and brings big change.

The WaspThe tiny titan with the big sting who played a big role in creating the Avengers.

Iron ManThe handsome industrialist with the invincible suit of iron and enough brains and bravado to engage entire armies.

DaredevilThe Man Without Fear whose moral guidance and amazing abilities help others see the light.


Black Panther fights the Fantastic Four

Black PantherThe champion of a technologically advanced nation whose great courage, strength, and wisdom benefits the world.

Mary Jane Watson – The hip, happenin’ redhead who changed Spider-Man’s life forever and for the better.

Gwen Stacy – Peter Parker’s first true love and the source of his greatest tragedy.

Rick Jones – The ultimate sidekick who befriends behemoths and crimebusters alike and who never, ever backs down from a fight.

The Watcher – The silent sentinel with a mission to observe and always omit himself from interfering…most times.

Doctor Octopus – The nuclear scientist whose eight arms ache to break his eternal nemesis Spider-Man once and for all.

Doctor StrangeEarth’s masterful maven of magic and the last, best defense against things that go bump in the night.

X-Men in the Danger Room

Professor X – The mysterious man in the wheelchair whose mutant pupils struggle to find their place in a world that fears them.

Cyclops – The upright young leader of the X-Men and possessor of deadly laser-like vision.

Marvel Girl – The girl with the psychic gifts and the heart of the X-Men.

Beast – The agile athlete whose simian appearance hides the mind of a genius.

Angel – The high-flying mutant with heavenly wings and a soaring spirit.

Iceman – The chilly young snowman with an icy exterior and a warm sense of humor.

Magneto – The mutant master of magnetism whose own plan for his kind stands in direct opposition of Professor X’s.

The Mandarin – The wielder of the ten rings of power and the fly in the ointment to a weary Iron Man.

Scarlet WitchThe heroine of the hex who turned against Magneto to stand with the Avengers.

Quicksilver – The lightning-fast mutant whose sense of speed is only exceeded by his wealth of attitude.

The Hulk transforms

Black WidowThe Russian spy who came in from the cold and turned her trade to fighting wrongdoers rather than acting as one.

The Green GoblinThe cackling criminal who strikes from out of nowhere to catch his foe Spider-Man at his weakest moments.

Hawkeye – The amazing archer with the talent for hitting the target.

Nick Fury – The unvanquished veteran who valiantly leads America’s foremost espionage organization.

Galactus – The cosmic world-devourer who challenged the Fantastic Four for the fate of the entire Earth.

The Silver Surfer – The stoic, silvery spaceman who betrayed his master Galactus to save an entire planet and its people.

KingpinThe giant of organized crime whose schemes and dreams earned the enmity of an army of Super Heroes.

Captain MarvelThe spaceborne soldier who championed Earth against alien invaders.

FalconThe fighting fury equally at home in the sky as he is on the mean streets of the city.

She-HulkThe emerald-hued Avenger with the same super-strength of her cousin and the rage to go with it.

Silver Surfer Parable