Published November 21, 2019

Tales from the Backlists: 11/21

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This week, we’re taking on a galaxy far, far away with the most feared bounty hunter of the Outer Rim, Deep Core and Hutt or Mandalorian space—no corner of the universe can escape Boba Fett!

Run down the enigmatic executioner’s hit list with a few of our favorite one-shot tales!

Bounty on Bar-Kooda

We begin our story like any other…with a hot n’ heavy interlude between two gargantuan Hutt aristocrats.

Boba A

Seeking the abdominous Anarcho as his bride, Gorga the Hutt tries to appease her difficult dad Orko by eliminating the infamous Pirate of Bar-Kooda, who has seized several of Orko’s shipments. That’s where our friend Boba factors in…

Boba B

Fett comes in blaster-first for one of Bar-Kooda’s associates, Magwit “The Magician”, a motley-dressed fool whose parlor trick of gagging up birds conceals his dangerous connections. Thankfully, Boba’s got some tricks of his own…

Boba C

With Magwit as unwilling assistant, the magic show’s the thing wherein Boba catches the conscience of Bar-Kooda. And would you check out that one-two set-up!

Boba D
And for his next trick...

Continue with STAR WARS: BOBA FETT - MURDER MOST FOUL (1997) #1 for another reprehensible hit job commissioned by Gorga, (this time against the in-laws)!

But let’s head to another sector of the galaxy with…

Star Wars: Boba Fett - Agent of Doom

Our next Boba-cious chapter takes us to the Gulma province, home to a flat-headed turtle-looking race called the Gulmarids. The Empire has fallen, but a rogue Imperial Death Ship continues a reign of terror across the stars, systematically rounding up species as slaves, or worse, wiping them out to use as engine fuel or water. We’ll let Gulma’s Slique Brighteyes break it down:

Boba E

Not one for sentiment, it’s hard to explain why Boba accepts Slique’s modest offer of 100 credits to slay the sadistic scientists behind Gulma’s genocide. Could it be that underneath his helmet is a Boba changed by his pitfall with a Sarlacc?

Boba F
Uh, no, actually.

We can’t say that Boba’s mission for justice goes off without a hitch, although he does manage to liberate some seriously cute critters that were Azgoghk captives…

Boba G
He’s gonna need more than a 100 credits to care, little guy.

This is perhaps the closest to cuddly we’ve ever seen Boba, so let’s wrap up with one final fable that sees the hit-for-hire at his finest.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Boba Fett

This Imperial Era one-shot really ought to be called “Age of Reveling”, because Boba’s having the time of his trying to kill Zingo Gabnit, a fellow bounty hunter who’s beyond-the-pale job history is too much for even Fett.

Boba H
See? Happy Boba!

To the tune of 100,000 credits, Boba trails Zingo through the Outer Rim’s not-at-all-ominous Death Plains, to find that a desert township has already been laid to waste by the murderous merc. Zingo proves crafty…

Boba I
Want to guess what happens next?

But in the end, even an opportunistic, double-dealing bounty hunter has to follow the code. Don’t hunt “bad men”. Don’t hunt “murderers”. And don’t hunt “criminals”. What do you hunt and only hunt, Boba?

Boba J

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