Published January 24, 2019

The Top 10 Guardians of the Galaxy

We’re ranking the best members of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy team!

Although the Guardians of the Galaxy date back to 1969, the modern team has only been around since 2008. That’s just over a decade’s worth of stories that inspired two feature films, an animated series, a video game, and transformed the Guardians into some of the MCU’s most popular characters. While the live-action Guardians are still a relatively small group, their comic book counterparts have assembled a collective roster that can stack up with Marvel’s heaviest hitters. And the new ongoing series is only going to add to their legend.

Below, we rank the best members of the modern Guardians.

10. Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock

While Adam Warlock wasn’t one of Star-Lord’s proto-team that led to the new Guardians’ creation, he was one of the co-founding members of the team that followed. Years before, Warlock had led his own team, the Infinity Watch, as they protected the Infinity Gems. On the Guardians, Warlock didn’t quite have the same impact.

However, Warlock did make a major sacrifice on behalf of the team and the entire universe. In the aftermath of War of the Kings, Warlock prevented a disaster by allowing himself to once again become the Magus. That instantly made him one of the team’s deadliest foes, but it was also a monumental gesture that shouldn’t be forgotten.

9. Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde as Star-Lord

There was a time when Kitty Pryde was in love with Peter Quill – so much so that Kitty agreed to marry Peter and live in space alongside the rest of the Guardians. When things didn’t work out, Kitty stayed with the Guardians and essentially became their new leader while taking over for Star-Lord. Her destiny wasn’t ultimately written in the stars, but Kitty helped hold the team together in Quill’s absence.

8. Thing

The Thing in Guardians of the Galaxy

During Kitty’s tenure as the leader, the Thing also joined the Guardians as their new pilot. It happened after Secret Wars, which allowed Thing to rediscover his sense of adventure following the apparent loss of his Fantastic Four teammates. In outer space, the Thing wasn’t a monster. He was a simply a hero who finally got to enjoy his life’s calling.

7. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel in Guardians of the Galaxy

Carol Danvers had numerous cosmic adventures before joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. But her stint on the team came after she redefined herself as Captain Marvel. At the time, Carol was suffering from severe memory loss. Fighting alongside the Guardians allowed Carol to rediscover herself. She proved to be an invaluable addition, and the team stood by her side in the second Super Hero Civil War.

6. Agent Venom

Agent Venom in Guardians of the Galaxy

On Earth, Flash Thompson had trouble keeping his Venom symbiote in check. But in space, alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, both Flash and the symbiote achieved their true potential. The symbiote finally redeemed itself, and Flash found himself and discovered the hero within. As Agent Venom, they performed acts of heroism that continue to resonate, even after Flash’s demise.

5. Gamora


If Gamora hadn’t become Requiem and seized the Infinity Stones for herself, then she would be a lot higher on the list of modern Guardians. She may be on the outs with her surviving teammates, but no one can argue that Gamora wasn’t one of her team’s most vital members. “The deadliest woman in the whole galaxy” always lived up to her reputation, and she proved time and time again that she had the heart of a hero.

4. Rocket Raccoon

Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy

Believe it or not, it was actually Rocket’s idea to use the Guardians of the Galaxy name, after he heard Major Victory mention the original group. Rocket also proved to be an instrumental member of the new Guardians by refusing to let the team die after their first incarnation split up. Instead, Rocket gathered his own team of Guardians and kept the spark alive until his other teammates returned as well.

3. Drax the Destroyer

Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy

Compared to some of his earlier incarnations, Drax was at the top of his game as a member of the Guardians. But towards the end of his run with the team, Drax desired an end to the violence that plagued his life. Even as a pacifist, Drax’s contributions to the Guardians were immeasurable. In death, Drax finally found the peace he was looking for while saving the galaxy one last time.

2. Groot


Groot was once believed to be a cosmic despot who was bent on conquest. However, his time on the Guardians proved that Groot was much more than that. He was the heart of the team, and Groot was willing to lay down his life as many times as it took to keep the entire universe safe.

1. Star-Lord

Star Lord

Without Star-Lord, the modern Guardians wouldn’t have existed. Peter Quill was the leader of a small team of rejects and exiles during the ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST incident. The survivors of that team, including Quill, Rocket, and Groot, went on to co-found the new Guardians of the Galaxy. Even after INFINITY WARS, the universe still needs the Guardians to protect it. And Star-Lord is still the right man for the job.

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