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Published January 1, 2021

22 Has A Marvel Mentor, Jack Kirby, in Disney and Pixar’s ‘Soul’

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In Disney and Pixar’s latest film, Soul, we learn that many have tried and everyone has failed to help mentor 22 — and that includes one of Marvel’s very own!

If you were paying close attention during the movie, when 22 (Tina Fey) first brings Joe (Jamie Foxx) back to her current residence — “Just A Box” — the two pass a wall full of thousands of different mentor name tags that 22 has had over the years. They range from Copernicus to Marie Antoinette and Muhammad Ali, and if you look closely, you can even spot Jack Kirby among them, too! Find the moment right at the 29-minute mark in the movie.


Kirby is a comic book legend, and one of the architects of the merry Marvel Universe, with an influence on the Multiverse that is nearly unmatched. He created dozens of different characters, costumes, and worlds, touching Marvel’s first family — the Fantastic Four — and gave readers a new hero with Captain America. Kirby’s decades-long career built a legacy that stands tall today and he served as a pivotal pioneer behind the House of Ideas.

But dealing with 22 and trying to find their “spark”? Eh...maybe not so much.

Want to learn more about Jack Kirby? Dive into more comics and stories about the legendary creator below!

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