Published September 12, 2018

Essential Reading for Marvel's Spider-Man

"Marvel's Spider-Man" continues to surprise and delight fans worldwide a week into its global release with its story of a young hero forging his new path in a new iteration of the Spider-Man's mythos.

If you've already completed the game and we can web the controllers away from you before you hit the streets of NYC for another run at the game, we've got a Discover Reading List for Marvel Unlimited from Bryan Intihar, Creative Director of Marvel's Spider-Man, with his MUST-READ Spider-Man stories!

Look at some of the comics source material below and see what storylines inspired the game, whether its Peter's humble beginnings, how Spidey and Peter's world collide, or how Mister Negative enter Spidey's rogues' gallery, and more!

Be sure to snag Marvel's Spider-Man if you haven't already and stay tuned to for more "Marvel's Spider-Man" news and interviews and follow Marvel Games on Twitter for more!

Marvel’s Spider-Man
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Marvel’s Spider-Man
Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games and Marvel present an expansive adventure where the worlds of Spider-Man and Peter Parker collide! The Big Apple is your playground in an interactive game that pits the Wall-Crawler against classic and reimagined foes amongst iconic Manhattan landmarks! Bryan Intihar, Creative Director of Marvel’s Spider-Man, shares his must-read Spider-Man stories!