Acrobat (Carl Zante)

Carl ZanteAcrobat



The self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Acrobat“; former circus performer Carl Zante encouraged the Human Torch to leave the Fantastic Four so that they could team-up as the crime-fighting Torrid Twosome. Feeling he would get more fame and fortune apart from the Fantastic Four, Johnny agreed, unaware that his new partner secretly intended to use the Torch's powers to rob the Glenville Savings Bank. After the Torch melted the vault, Zante robbed the bank and turned on the Torch, only to be apprehended by the Fantastic Four. Later, the Acrobat posed as Captain America at the Glenville Antique Auto Show, working with two criminals who served as decoys while Zante once again robbed the Glenville Savings Bank. Although the Acrobat had formulated a detailed escape plan, the Torch recaptured him.

Several years later Zante escaped prison and was recaptured by the Human Torch and the real Captain America.


5’ 11”


190 lbs.





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