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Allegedly the oldest living human sorcerer, the future Genghis established a pact with virtually omnipotent mystic principalities, the Vishanti, shortly after the dawn of humanity. In exchange for knowledge, he would assemble the world's greatest mystics every century, presiding over a contest for the role of Sorcerer Supreme. Reportedly extending his life via the Pool of Blood, he performed his duty for untold millennia. For centuries he has dwelled in a Tibetan cavern in the foothills of the Himalayas, watched over by manservants. His mind long ago consumed by mystic forces swirling about reality, his original name lost to the eons, he became the Aged Genghis. Many travelers sought his training, but most, if not all, were turned away. Some twenty years ago he was approached by the freshly scarred Victor von Doom; refusing to train Doom even after a beating, Genghis instead referred him to an order of monks who would guide him to his destiny. Dr. Strange found and nursed the Genghis back to health after the attack.

More recently, Dr. Strange sought the Genghis' aid in locating Eternity to save the Ancient One, but the senile wizard instead gave him a scroll that transported Strange to the Netherworld of Eternal Doom. There Strange faced the Demon of the Mask. Further efforts by Dr. Strange, Clea, and others to gain the Genghis' aid met with similar frustration. Strange was once nearly destroyed by the Genghis' madness given form when he tried to bring him to his New York Sanctum Sanctorum for better care.. During moments of greater clarity, the Genghis referred would-be disciples to Strange. Allegedly Jefferson Archer, the future Highwayman, was among those refused by the Genghis. When the Time of the Vishanti arrived, Genghis briefly regained his wits and summoned the sorcerers of Earth to the Temple of the Three in the Javan Rainforest of South East Asia. Dr. Strange won the contest, but was forced to grant a boon to the runner-up, Dr. Doom. This lead to Doom and Strange rescuing Doom's mother, Cynthia, from the clutches of the Hell-lord Mephisto.




84 lbs.




Bald (white facial hair)

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