Ahab (Roderick "Rory" Campbell)

Roderick "Rory" CampbellAhab

The ruthless cybernetic Ahab is a mutant hunter from the future who uses his psychology skills to torture other mutants into hunting down their kind.
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In an age of mutant-hunting Sentinel robots and the destruction of mutantkind, Ahab is a torturer, rounding up mutants to force them into servitude under his Hound program. He is Master of the Hounds. As a cybernetically-enhanced individual, he can protect himself from anyone that opposes his nefarious goals.


Mutant Hunter

In the dystopian alternate future of Reality-811 known as “Days of Future Past”, the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly at the hands of Mystique and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants leads to the creation of anti-mutant Sentinel robots. These robots are a response to the “mutant menace.” Eventually, these Sentinels come to rule the United States. Mutants are then hunted, executed or interred in concentration camps. In this timeline, it is believed Roderick “Rory” Campbell studies psychology, but through unrevealed circumstances, he becomes the cruel mutant-hunter named Ahab.

As Ahab, Campbell captures and brainwashes mutants, and through cruel psychological torture and abuse, turns them into mutant trackers called “Hounds.” The Hound program is responsible for leading anti-mutant forces to hidden outlaw mutants, who would in turn be captured or killed.


Human Cyborg

Ahab taps his own life-force to create psychic harpoons and can key them to a specific target, disrupting their neural pathways. As a cyborg, Ahab possesses enhanced strength and durability. Ahab’s technology allows him to mark, clothe, and mentally control his army of mutant Hounds, as well as teleport. His body is largely comprised of cybernetic parts, the specifications of which are unrevealed. Presumably, Ahab is a trained psychologist.


Notable Hounds

Ahab’s Hounds are his most valuable asset. Each one a mutant, he tortures and trains them to serve him and his hatred of mutantkind. He uses them to capture and kill other mutants.


Hounds Who Bite Back

The closest connection that Ahab has with any one person is the psychic Rachel Summers (later Marvel Girl). He molds her into his greatest Hound, conditioning her to serve his goals of mutant annihilation. When Rachel fights back, Ahab becomes permanently mangled and requires cybernetic enhancements and augmentations to survive. He often pursues her and all other mutants with the singular goal of their undoing.

Following her to Earth-616, he comes upon the heroic X-Men, both the original and time-displaced teams.


Serving Poetic Justice

Sometime after Earth-811’s Scott Summers and Jean Grey, Cyclops and Phoenix of the heroic mutant X-Men, were killed, their daughter, the psychic Rachel Summers was captured by anti-mutant forces. In Rachel, Ahab shaped his greatest Hound success, conditioning her to serve him in the destruction of countless mutants; these events left Rachel deeply traumatized. At one point, Rachel fought back against Ahab, and before she was recaptured, she hurled Ahab into a bank of computers, which exploded and mangled his body. Ahab was confined to a hover-chair for a time before becoming a cyborg and resuming his work at full capacity.

When Rachel fled to the past of Reality-616, Ahab pursued her there by using the powers of time-wandering spirit of an adult Earth-811 Franklin Richards, AKA Scrapper, former lover of Rachel. While in Reality-616, Ahab temporarily turned Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and the Susan Storm-Richards, AKA Invisible Woman, into Hounds, but he was forced back to Reality-811 by the combined efforts of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Cable’s New Mutants, and Cyclops’ X-Factor, where the latter included the Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix, of Reality-616; Cyclops and the Invisible Woman were then restored to their right minds.

Sometime later, after relocating to Great Britain and helping to form the Excalibur super-team alongside former X-Men and X-Men allies, Rachel eventually traveled back to the future of Earth-811 with the intention of ending the Sentinel’s oppressive rule and confronting Ahab. There, Excalibur and the remaining super-humans of that reality worked with Rachel to finally defeat Ahab by reprogramming the Sentinel’s programming from oppression of mutants to protecting all life. This change effectively ended the Sentinel’s threat to mutantkind.

While Ahab was defeated, he later showed up on Earth-616 to the present intending to kill some time-displaced X-Men and annihilate mutantkind. During the ensuing battle, Ahab stabbed the young Cyclops, or so he thought, it turned out to be Mimic posing as Cyclops! Though a young Cable shot Ahab with a powerful weapon that disabled him. Ahab had his Hounds, including Rachel whose brainwashing returned, dragged him and teleported back to their time, with young Cable on his tail.




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Brown with white streak

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