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Ambitious young Hisako Ichiki enrolled at the Xavier Institute for its second public term. Hisako opposed the alien Ord when he infiltrated the Institute and threatened her and her close friend, fellow student Wing. Wing committed suicide after Danger (Danger Room) spoke to him in a simulation of a high cliff. This all came after Ord injected him with a serum which "cured" him of his genetic mutation, taking away his ability of flight. Despondent, he committed suicide, and in the wake of this tragedy Hisako, her teacher Kitty Pryde, and several fellow students found themselves trapped in a sentient and hostile Danger Room with Wing’s seemingly reanimated corpse. Danger, as the intelligence named itself, battled the X-Men then left the Institute in search of Xavier himself.

Hisako later aided Wolverine against both Ord and Danger before she, along with the X-Men and the villains, were all teleported aboard a S.W.O.R.D. craft bound for Ord's home planet, the Breakworld. Crash-landing on the planet alongside Wolverine, Hisako learned that he intended for her to become an X-Man, and took the codename Armor.




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