Aleta Ogord



In a future time-line Quasar and Kismet fought to protect Oshkosh during War of the Worlds. Quasar later learned Kismet was pregnant with his child and fond it necessary to protect her, he placed her in the safe confines of a sanctuary on the planet of Vesper. Quasar was slain by Abrogate due to machinations of Era. Kismet gave birth to an infant son who she named Stakar. The infant was stolen away from her by Era disguised as Eon. The young Stakar was hidden among mutants of Arcturus by Era. The youngster fell into hands of mutant couple who planned to consume him, however, during early 21st century death raid by Reavers of Arcturus, infant rescued from mutants by Ogord, who adopted Stakar as his son. Stakar grew up an isolated, restless, unfulfilled and brooding child alongside disapproving sister Aleta.

The two Ogord children continued their sibling rivalry well into their adulthood, alongside reluctant Aleta, Stakar sought destiny in ruins of the Forbidden City, where he entered the temple of the malevolent Hawk God. There he discovered the Hawk God in his inert statue form. It was in this place that Stakar merged with Aleta through Hawk God’s power, and the two siblings became the composite being known as Starhawk. Stakar built a brain-wave helmet from components found in temple. He had hoped to obtain knowledge of ancients, Aleta converted to disembodied consciousness fused with Hawk God statue after she triggered helmet. Intoxicated by her new found abilities the power-mad Aleta wrecked an Arcturian military air fleet. Stakar realized Aleta needed his wisdom to control Hawk God's power, thus the two siblings were fused together by a nuclear explosion.

Aleta and Stakar had the Hawk God temporarily split them back into two beings so they could mate as man and wife. They later re-merged and Stakar conceded primary dominance of their shared body to Aleta while she bore and raised their children. Stakar regained dominance as they returned to stars, where he built the children an asteroid home before departing.


5' 11"


119 lbs.





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