Seeking to conquer all nine worlds of Asgard, Malekith of the Dark Elves, used his formidable powers to manipulate the trolls of Nornheim into believing that Queen Alflyse had sought war on the humans of Midgard and enslaved many of the trolls to serve as her war party. Malekith and Crone appeared before Hercules and Zeus - recently resurrected in the form of a young boy - as the noble Balder the Brave - now ruler of Asgard - and lied to them as well, making them believe Alflyse was threatening Earth. Hercules agreed to pose as Thor, so he could get close to the Elf queen and stop her. Infuriated for not being treated as equals against a common foe, a pack of angry trolls traveled to her castle to confront Alfyse. During their journey they happened upon Hercules - who they believed was Thor - and Hercules defeated the trolls, presenting himself as a savior to Alflyse's soldiers. To show her gratitude Alfyse escorted Hercules and the young Zeus back to castle, informing them that she had renounced the aggressive policy of the fallen Malekith for they brought her people nothing but grief. Alflyse arranged a series of challenges designed to establish that her savior was truly the god of thunder, and Hercules managed to best them all, ending with his coupling with Alflyse.







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