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Amanda was born in a small town in the mid-west were she eventually discovered her mutant ability of telekinesis. As the Mutant Registration Act came into affect the government started to search for unregistered mutants across the nation. Having learned of Amanda, the Commission on Superhuman Activities then sent Freedom Force to locate and register Amanda. After receiving the orders Spiral teleported Blob and Pyro to the small town were Amanda lived and gave them their instructions and disappeared. Having learned that the two men had come to take Amanda away, her friends hid her in a church bell tower. As Blob and Pyro started to search the town, Matthew Murdock was passing through the town and noticed the two villains. Hoping to even the odds he offered Blob and Pyro drinks in the local bar. Not ones to refuse such generous offers the two accepted and quickly became intoxicated, which led the two mutants to fight amongst themselves.

However, Pyro and Blob soon managed to find Amanda who was being protected by Daredevil. Unimpressed by Daredevil, Blob and Pyro attacked and a battle ensued. Soon the townspeople heard that Amanda was in trouble and started to open fire on Blob and Pyro. Blob laughed as the bullets bounced off his skin, but Pyro was injured by a bullet. Enraged Blob managed to take down Daredevil, but Amanda used her powers to rip the bell from the church and forced it to land on top of the Blob. Daredevil and Amanda quickly fled from the town as Spiral teleported in and scolded the two for their incompetence as Amanda said goodbye to Daredevil and ventured off to an unknown destination. Her current whereabouts are unknown and it is unknown if she retained her powers after House of M|"M-Day".









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