Andrea & Andreas Von Strucker (Ultimate)

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Andrea and Andreas von Strucker are co-presidents of global investment firm Fenris International, named for the Norse wolf who brought about the twilight of the gods.Nobody is sure whether the pair are siblings or married. Secretly,they are mutants whose powers depend on physical contact with each other. Long believing that economic empowerment was Homo Superior's only chance for true equality with normal humans, they founded their company to end humanity's financial dominance over mutantkind. Feeling they needed "creative measures" to compete in a human-dominated business world, they recruited fellow mutants to use for corporate espionage, sometimes kidnapping them first to ensure that Fenris had not been seen to hire them, allowing deniability if their missions went wrong. One such recruit was the Cajun thief Gambit, whose loyalty they bought by helping him regain control of his powers.

When their scouts determined Rogue of the X-Men would make a useful operative, Gambit abducted her and brought her to their Empire State building penthouse offices. The von Struckers offered to have their bioengineers cure Rogue's inability to control her draining abilities, and train her as a spy, in return for signing an exclusive contract with them. They tried to convince a wary Rogue by having her don a special polymer uniform which dampened her powers, allowing her to touch Gambit without absorbing his powers or memories; if she agreed to work for them, they would graft the material under her skin, allowing her to regulate her powers at will. Rogue still declined, but the von Struckers made it clear that they would not accept her choice. When Gambit backed her up, the Struckers blasted him, then turned on Rogue. Gambit managed to damage her suit, allowing Rogue to drain the von Struckers, stunning them long enough for Rogue and Gambit to flee. Though Andrea was prepared to write them off as bad investments, Andreas took the physical assault more personally, and ordered their Wolfpack operative to slay the pair before they could leave the building. However, when other X-Men arrived and easily overpowered the von Struckers, the executives decided to back least for now.


(Andreas) 5'11"; (Andrea) 5'9"


(Andreas) 160 lbs.; (Andrea) 110 lbs


(both) Blue


(both) Blond

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