Anesthesia (Ana)

Ana (last name unrevealed)Anesthesia



Anesthesia is a Sleepwalker/human hybrid raised in the Mindscape where lies and deception do not exist. Her human father sleeps in a comatose state, and Monica Rappaccini, Supreme Scientist of A.I.M., promised to help him in exchange for Anesthsia's assistance. Trusting Rappaccini's word, she infiltrated the Infinite Avengers Mansion through the sleeping mind of Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) and stole a device called Heaven, created by Wasp (Henry Pym) and housed Goliath (Bill Foster)'s consciousness. When Wasp and Ant-Man followed her back to A.I.M.'s base, Anesthesia realized she was being used since Rappaccini was more concerned with their capture than Ana's father's welfare. Bargaining to free Ant-Man from Rappaccini's trap in exchange for taking her father to safety, Ana was duped again and zapped unconscious by Ant-Man once he was free. Soon after she attempted to escape with her father from A.I.M.'s flying headquarters while the Avengers battled A.I.M.'s forces, but she lacked the strength to lift him. Ant-Man offered to help, but Anesthesia refused to trust him and remained on board the ship as Wasp teleported it to an alternate future where barbarism ruled, science was dead, and A.I.M. was responsible for it.








Bald (wears black wig)

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