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Unwilling to see herself as a vile criminal, Angel Face justified all her misdeeds. She carefully studied every potential victim and meticulously plotted her heists in order to claim how hard she worked for every penny she stole. After setting her sights on Liz Osborn's fortune, feeling that Liz didn't deserve her wealth because she married into a rich family, she was soon confronted by the Green Goblin. Taking Liz, her son Normie and the nanny hostage in their hotel room, Angel Face was still unable to protect her partners, Salt and Pepper, from the Goblin. Fleeing with Normie as she made her escape, she was pursued by the Goblin, who rescued the child. The two fought and just as Angel Face was about to shoot the Goblin, he deployed his lunatic laugh, causing her to miss him and hit a steam pipe instead. Her face was scalded by boiling water, and she dropped to her knees defeated. The police arrived and rushed her to the nearest hospital, but the damage was done. Insisting she and her partners were only having innocent fun, she swore the Goblin would someday pay for horribly disfiguring her face. Angel Face was then taken to an institution for the criminally insane.









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