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Abandoned by her parents, the girl known as Ankhi spent most of her life in an orphanage, and might have stayed there, until the day her abilities manifested. Previously, she had been a normal girl, but when she experienced her mutation, her skin turned black, her hair fell out, and a third eye appeared in the middle of her forehead. Suddenly facing rejection, she ran away from the orphanage and became a panhandler and junkie, living on the streets of Stockholm. Eventually, she met and fell in love with another junkie, Sven. For a while, they lived together, until one night when Sven stole a stash of heroin from his friend, a dealer named Bjorn who had oversdosed and whom Sven had left for dead.

He fled with Ankhi to his sister's place outside of Stockholm, hoping to sell the stash for some money. However, his sister and her friends used up the drugs and kicked Sven and Ankhi out.

They returned to Stockholm, but were ambushed by Bjorn, who had survived his overdose. Angered that Sven had stolen his drugs and left him for dead, Bjorn and his thugs killed Sven. Ankhi panicked, activating her powers, which blinded Bjorn and the thugs, allowing her to escape. Desperate for another fix, Ankhi found another dealer on the street and blinded him, stealing his drugs. She then got high, falling asleep on a bench in a subway station, where she was found and arrested by the police.

She was interrogated about Sven's death and about her narcotics possession, and then jailed for a week, during which she went through a hellish withdrawl. Shortly after, she was approached by a mysterious man who got the charges against her dismissed and offered her the possibility of employment.

The details of that employment, and about her life after that point, are as yet unknown.








Bald, formerly black

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