Annie Ghazikhanian

Annie Ghazikhanian



Born of Armenian descent, Annie Ghazikhanian worked as a nurse at the Rosy Manor Convalescent Hospital in Upstate New York. There, she tended to a comatose Alex Summers, a patient at the hospital. Unaware of Summers' identity as Havok, a former member of the team of superhuman mutant adventurers known as the X-Men, Annie developed an attraction towards him despite his condition. After reading a newspaper article, Annie learned of Summers' true identity and contacted the Xavier Institute. The next day, when Alex's brother Scott came to pick him up, Annie offered to accompany Scott and Alex to the Xavier Institute in order to continue caring for Alex. Scott agreed, and Annie has since been employed as the school's resident nurse, despite her negative feelings towards mutants. She took up residence in the mansion with her son, Carter.

Annie has subsequently used her experience as a former E.R. nurse to treat members of the X-Men for injuries they sustain in battle. She is also responsible for conducting regular physical examinations of the staff and students, as well as continuing Havok's rehabilitation. After Carter helped bring Alex back to consciousness, Annie continued to be infatuated with Havok despite the return of Polaris from Genosha and the pair's subsequent engagement. At Polaris and Havok's wedding, Alex realized his feelings for Annie and called off the pending nuptials, enraging Lorna Dane and creating pandemonium. After escaping from Lorna's rage, the two continued to date.

On a mission to find a missing Nightcrawler, Carter stowed away on the Blackbird, forcing Annie, Polaris, and Xavier to work together to rescue Carter, Kurt, and the rest of the X-Men from another dimension.




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