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Anthropomorpho's past history is practically unknown, while in search of Eternity the embodiment of time and space, Quasar and the Elder of the Universe known as the Contemplator, merged their abilities in order to teleport to the strange realm known as the Dimension of Manifestations. They were approached, by an enormous spherical image that identified itself as Anthropomorpho the Prime Manifester. As Prime Manifester, he communicates with any being desiring Manifestation Bodies, or M-Bodies. After the two interlopers stated their case they were informed by Anthropomorpho, that his people were Living Fractals, capable of shaping them into infinite manner and they served as M-Bodies for the abstract beings that had no physical forms. Having passed through several of their creations, Quasar noticed that several physical beings of power, such as Galactus and the Stranger were among the M-Bodies. Anthropomorpho monolithically explained that many powerful entities enlisted their services to appear present somewhere without actually attending. Anthropomorpho went on to explain that his race uses their newborn to practice on the forms of finite beings, before they were allowed to manifest abstract beings.









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