Apocalypse (Earth-58163)

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Approximately 5,000 years old, Apocalypse is a virtually immortal mutant. By the end of the Mutant-Human War, Apocalypse was seen as one of Magneto's most trusted lieutenants, but it was not always that way. The two came to blows early in the war, battling over the right to lead mutantkind. Apocalypse lost, but instead of destroying him, Magneto offered Apocalypse a place by his side. Apocalypse, surprised by his rival's generosity, accepted the offer. Magneto gave Apocalypse a crucial mission - to free the hundreds of captured mutants held in mutant camps across the United States. Apocalypse succeeded, and those freed mutants were crucial in the eventual mutant victory.

Recently, Magneto placed Apocalypse in charge of North Africa. Against Magneto's wishes, Apocalypse and his Horsemen have enslaved the human population and forced them to reconstruct Egyptian landmarks. While this is not in the spirit of Magneto's policy of tolerance of humans, it appears Magnus chooses to turn a blind eye towards Apocalypse's actions.


6'8" (variable)


300 lbs. (variable)





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