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Becky RyanAralune



From an early age, Becky Ryan was accustomed to being in front of crowds. She was pushed into the pageantry circuit by her father, Becky thrived in pageantry arena, winning a number of pageants. She eventually earned a spot on the United States of Kids by age nine. At age 11, she recorded her first album, and within two years became the youngest solo singing artist to go platinum.

Though she professed to being in complete control of her career, Becky apparently felt unfulfilled, because when she learned that the Fifty-State Initiative, was offering American citizens the opportunity to become superheroes, to defend their country, she decided to volunteer to join. She became a member of the Order, California's official S.H.I.E.L.D.-sanctioned team. Though she was rejected from the initial wave due to concerns about her dedication and her mental health (at least psych test suggested that she may have suicidal or self-destructive tendencies), the dismissal of Maul, Pierce, Corona and Avona led to her being accepted and endowed with shape-shifting abilities.

During her first mission as Aralune, battling the Alpha Generation, of Soviet super-soldiers, she showed great skill and courage, and bravely risked her own life by using her shape-shifting abilities to "swallow" the Soviets' 20-kiloton nuclear bomb. This has won her favor with team leader Anthem, but a recently-revealed sex tape featuring her has stirred up new doubts about her reliability.




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