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A brilliant, published quantum physicist, Dr. Arcanna Jones was recruited by the US government under a executive order following the disappearence of government operative Hyperion. She was assigned to a strike force to track him down, alongside Emil Burbank, Shape, and Nuke.

Their mission to capture Hyperion was almost successful. Between Nuke's explosive abilities and Shape's indestructible nature, Hyperion seemed weakened. However, Arcanna's attempts to switch Hyperion with a more government-friendly version from an alternate reality, combined with Nuke's explosions and Hyperion's "Flash Vision", caused an explosion that sent Hyperion and the task force into what they believed was an alternate reality in which another Hyperion and Power Princess ruled the world, aided by a pantheon of other superhumans. Eventually, Arcanna found her own reality's Hyperion and convinced him to help her and the rest of the task force return home. Unbeknownst to all except Hyperion and Dr. Burbank was the fact that the world they had visited was in fact their own, only two years into the future.

The task force was shortly afterwards merged with other known superhumans to form the Squadron Supreme. Here, Arcanna has found herself somewhat out of her element. The team's first mission, stopping a superpowered African dictator named Mbutu, was a disaster, with Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, and Amphibian all falling under Mbutu's mind control and attacking their teammates. Ultimately, the Squadron was saved by the intervention of a mysterious group of local superhumans, but during this conflict, Dr. Burbank nearly killed Amphibian with a compound designed to asphyxiate her, much to Arcanna's horror. Subsequent mission have proven equally, if not more, worrisome, with signs of increasing instability in many of the Squadron's members and clear signs of sociopathic tendencies in Dr. Burbank, however, Arcanna's opinion of this is as yet unknown.









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