Arize, a citzen of a planet known only as "Mojo World" invented an artificial exoskeleton frame that would finally enable his race to stand erect. But some members of the race refused to wear Arize's exoskeleton, these citizens were known as the Spinless Ones.

Later, Arize was employed by Mojo and his fellow Spinless Ones to create a large amount of genetically engineered lifeforms modeled after humans of Earth-616, which the Spinless Ones said reminded them of demons that they would frequently saw in their nightmares. The Spinless Ones used these huminoids as slaves. Arize didn't support the slave trade and secretly implanted the slaves with free will and a conscience in hopes that the slaves would one day fight back against the Spineless Ones, in which they did, with their rebel-leader Longshot.

Arize was again employed by Mojo to create more weapons for them, but Arize refused and was banished by Mojo and became a hermit who lived alone.

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