Asbestos Man

Professor Orson KasloffAsbestos Man



As the world's foremost analytical chemist, Kasloff felt someone with his scientific ability should be treated like a king. Embarking upon a life of crime using a liquid solvent he developed, Kasloff soon realized that he needed an experienced criminal's help to execute his heists. Kasloff concluded that he would earn the underworld's respect if he defeated Human Torch, so he developed a suit of flame-resistant super-asbestos and confronted the Torch. Unaffected by Torch's powers, Asbestos Man scored a victory over the hero, and soon plotted to rob the State National Bank. But the Torch used his powers to consume all the oxygen in the area, forcing Asbestos Man to surrender. Asbestos Man confessed to his crimes and was taken to prison. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he has almost certainly died horribly. Of asbestos.




160 lbs.




White (formerly black)

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