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Atom-Smasher made his debut when he and his crew were raiding laboratories and warehouses in search of radium. They struck eight all together before gaining the attention of Black Goliath. Atom-Smasher was baited into a trap by the colossal hero, and his gang was defeated easily. Atom-Smasher wouldn't go down without a fight, and he used his awesome powers to topple the giant. Black Goliath tried to hold his own, but as an inexperienced super-hero, he couldn't figure out how to stop Atom-Smasher and was ultimately defeated. Atom-Smasher claimed he never intended to take a human life, but he said Black Goliath gave him no choice.

However, Black Goliath survived their first encounter and challenged Atom-Smasher to a rematch. This time Black Goliath learned from his mistakes, and once he defeated all of Atom-Smasher's troops, he wrapped Atom-Smasher up in a material specifically designed to absorb radiation. Before the police could be called, a sniper separated Atom-Smasher from his captor and allowed him to break free from his bonds. Atom-Smasher thought the sniper was there to help him, but in actuality, he was the sniper's true target. Atom-Smasher was shot dead before he could flee the scene. Sometime after Black Goliath delivered Atom-Smasher's corpse to the authorities, a second man bearing that name came forward and revealed he was the original's brother. It wasn't revenge the second Atom-Smasher was after either, for he was the one who hired the assassin to kill his sibling.






Unrevealed (as English); Yellow (as Atom-Smasher)


Unrevealed (as English); None (as Atom-Smasher)

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