Once a rookie cop with illusions of being the best cop in Springdale, the Basher ultimately couldn’t hack the force and dropped out only to turn to a life of crime. Apparently, blaming the police force for his misfortunes, Basher took his frustration out on the other cops in the city. Having hospitalized three officers, the Springdale Police Department made Basher their number one priority as did Speedball, the Masked Marvel. As the Basher was about to add to more victims to his list, Speedball surprised the felon. A brief tussle led to a quick escape by the Basher, but the two policemen that were his intended targets nabbed the perpetrator and sent him to jail.

Basher returned when a massive jail break liberated all of Springdale’s costumed criminals, and he – among others – was hired to perform a task for Springdale’s newest villain, Rebound. The plan was almost flawless until Speedball showed his face and took the villains down. Basher was one of the first to fall, and he was taken back to prison with his teammates.









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