Beetle (MK-II)




Other than joining with two other college students to break into a Commission on Superhuman Activities holding facility in New Jersey and stealing the various Beetle armor stored there, nothing is known about the woman that donned the MK-II Beetle armor. The CSA persuaded the Thunderbolts to track down super-villains and recruit them to join the pro-registration side of the Civil War|Superhuman Registration Act and they started with the Beetle group.

The three Beetles began a crime spree until the Thunderbolts came to apprehend the group. Out skilled and out numbered and using the MK-II Beetle armor, she was easily stopped when Radioactive Man melted the servo-motors in the armor‘s coupling joints, causing the armor to lock up. Along with the other Beetles, she was taken captive by the Thunderbolts and placed in a detention center where the captives are indoctrinated with impulse stimulation to show them what it means to be a member of the Thunderbolts.

Deciding that being free was better than being imprisoned, all three members of the Beetles agreed to join the sub-division of the Thunderbolts known as the Thunderbolts Army. While the Thunderbolts dealt with Grandmaster and the reformed Squadron Sinister, the Thunderbolts Army was split into various squads and sent to locations around the world to deal with those Grandmaster had empowered and controlled through the use of the Wellspring of Power. All three members of the Beetle group were placed in the Delta Squad and sent to Dallas, TX. During the battle various Thunderbolts Army members of the Folding Circle were taken control by Grandmaster’s power due to them previously receiving their powers from the Wellspring of Power, resulting in them turning on their teammates. Being overpowered by shear numbers as well as having members turn against them, this led various members to doubt they could actually do any good. The Thunderbolts Army quickly dispersed and the members of the team went their own ways. Some members returned to their villainous ways while others continued with the Superhuman Registration Act becoming federal agents as members of the Initiative. It is unknown if the members of the Beetles decided to return to a life of crime or not.









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