Betty Swanson

Betty Swanson



Betty Swanson is an agent of A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics), assigned to go undercover with a Hydra science team sent to the Savage Land to search for undiscovered natural toxins that could be converted into bio-weapons. Hydra chanced upon the decapitated, but still sentient head of Earth-2149 ("Marvel Zombies") mercenary Deadpool (later Headpool), which could transmit a zombie virus. The head had been taken by a group of native headhunters who worshiped it as a deity, so Hydra sent a heavily-armed retrieval team to recover it. In response A.I.M. hired Deadpool (Wade Wilson) to bring them the head first. Deadpool met with Swanson, and then he attacked the headhunters, resulting in both their captures, adding to Swanson's already great dislike for him. After, recovering the head and escaping, they were confronted by the Hydra retrieval team, who had learned of Swanson's betrayal. During the subsequent battle between Hydra, the headhunters, and the Savage Land's protector Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder), and an encounter with a zombie Tyrannosaur, Deadpool and Swanson commandeered a Hydra ship and returned the head to A.I.M.'s space station.




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