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Beverly Switzler



Long time companion of Howard the Duck, Beverly Switzler first met Howard when they were both taken captive by the mad financial wizard Pro-Rata, who intended to use the two of them to retrieve the missing gem-key to the Cosmic Calculator in a bid to become Chief Accountant of the Universe. Thrown into a dimensional portal, Howard and Beverly worked together to retrieve the gem-key and return to Pro-Rata’s tower where Howard defeated Pro-Rata with an assist from Spider-Man.

Beverly took in the otherwise homeless Howard, giving him a place to stay, and the two became close friends. Their life together was far from conventional, they struggled to make ends meet, living “hand-to-beak,” with Beverly posing as a model for life-drawing classes to pay the bills.

They often faced extraordinary obstacles together, such as Turnip-Man, Beverly’s space turnip possessed roommate, Winky-Man, their narcoleptic vigilante upstairs-neighbor, or Le Beaver the Canadian Super-Patriot. But in spite of it all their relationship blossomed and they managed to fall in love.

The two became separated for a time after a former college classmate of Beverly’s, Dr. Bong, abducted them and held them captive on Dr. Bong’s Island. Revealing his long standing obsession for Beverly, Dr. Bong demanded Beverly’s hand in marriage in exchange for Howard’s life. Beverly agreed to the marriage in order to save Howard and the ceremony was performed by the captain aboard a passing Russian Trawler, though the marriage was never legal and eventually Howard and Beverly were reunited.









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