Billie Morales (Billie Mariana Morales)

Billie Mariana MoralesBillie Morales

The youngest of the Morales family, Billie spends most of her time learning, growing, eating, and sleeping, like most children her age.


Meet Miles Morales' New Baby Sister


Meet Miles Morales' New Baby Sister

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Billie Mariana Morales comes from a loving family. She’s also the baby sister to the web-slinging teenage hero Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man, but she knows him as her older brother who takes her on adventures.


Family First

Born premature at the Brooklyn University Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, Billie Mariana Morales is welcomed into the world by her loving parents, brother, and uncle.

Daughter to Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales from alternate Earth-1610, Billie originates in the Prime Universe of Earth-616 where her family now resides thanks to her older brother, the Spider-Man, who helped save the world after an incursion.


Just a Baby

While Billie’s growing up fast, as all kids do, she possesses the typical strength and abilities of her age. She also sleeps a lot.


Powerful Threats

With a brother who’s a Super Hero, Billie sometimes gets tangled up in his web. When some villains discover his secret identity, it puts his family, like Billie, at risk. One such threat is the Assessor’s clone of Miles, Selim, who uses Billie to take revenge on Miles.


Family Ties

Billie’s closest allies are her family, which includes her mother and father, her brother, Miles, and her Uncle Aaron Davis, AKA Prowler, and her grandmother Gloria Morales. She even gains an ally and adoptive brother in Shift, a clone of Miles that helps save her from another more aggressive clone.

Her older brother Miles spends as much time as he can while juggling school and being Spider-Man. He even babysits her, which occasionally means taking her on his adventures, and he’s quick to protect her from dangerous threats.


Baby Steps

When Billie’s parents go out to brunch, Miles takes Billie around Brooklyn to see the sights. Though when someone’s trapped in a nearby sewer, the siblings hide in a park where Miles reveals his secret alter-ego to his baby sister and covertly changes into his Spider-Man suit. He secured Billie around his chest with his webs, and upon arriving in the sewer, they discovered a man trapped under a fallen wall. As Spider-Man lifted the wall, an alligator attacked them, but Spider-Man dodged the scaly beast, and with his sister safe, webbed up the massive creature. Spider-Man and Billie helped the gentleman, who thanked them, and called Billie “Spider-Baby”. When Spider-Man asked why he was down there, he told them he was a photographer taking pictures of urban settings. First responders arrived, and Billie and Miles headed for home, where Billie conked out as did Miles from the day’s exciting festivities.

When one of Miles’s clones sought revenge against Miles for destroying his cure to survive, he posed as Spider-Man and tricked Billie and Miles’ father into handing Billie over to him for safekeeping. Billie cried as her brother arrived on a rooftop to take her back. Selim threatened to kill him and their parents, leaving Billie all alone. Selim then created a hammock for Billie and fought Spider-Man to see who was the strongest. After a rough battle, leaving Miles on his knees and his suit in shreds, the other clones, Shift and Mindspinner, arrived. Selim dangled Billie over the ledge but Shift saved her, sensing their relation. Selim attacked Shift only to be thwarted by Mindspinner. Betrayed by his fellow clone brothers, Selim fought Mindspinner, which resulted in an epic explosion. Shift gently returned the sleeping Billie to Miles, and the next time Billie woke up, she sneezed snot all over her new brother Shift, whom Miles had invited to join the family.

Billie continued to grow, and as time passed, she attempted to walk across the living room to her mother for the first time. She did so successfully, her family celebrated the milestone, and Jefferson even captured a photo of the precious moment.



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