Bitter Frost (Earth-982)

Betty ForestBitter Frost



In an alternate reality known as MC2 (Earth-982), Betty Forest was abused by her ex-boyfriend, Wayne and neglected by her alcoholic father, she eventually found her way into Caitlan Leiber's office. During the time of Forest's sessions, Leiber had a huge caseload and admitted that Forest fell through the cracks of bureaucracy, although her explanation fell on death ears, as Forest began to seek revenge on the apologetic social worker, but was interrupted by the arrival of May Parker (Spider-Girl), who Forest asked to leave, because she could not harm a fellow victim. Forest eventually left St. Andrew's temporary shelter for victims of abuse, in search of her primary abuser ex-boyfriend; Leiber tracked Forest to an abandoned tenement where her boyfriend used to reside. Leiber was unaware that she was being tailed by detective Drasco, who was trying to locate another resident of the St. Andrew's shelter Mona Carlo, who reportedly had the King Pin's personal criminal files. Forest had found Wayne and she explained to him that her current icy state, was the result of his last beating of her, in which she ran and hid in a deserted factory where some old leaky chemical containers were being stored, and on that day Betty Forest died and Bitter Frost was born. Detective Drasco questioned Frost on the death of an old man (her father) found frozen to death. Spider-Girl entered the fray and during the ensuing scuffle which resulted in the building being set a flame; the extreme caused Betty to revert to her normal human form. She was captured by Spider-Girl and turned over to the authorities for both medical help and punishment for her crimes.






Brown (Betty), White(as Frost)


Black (Betty), white with blue tint appearing to be ice (as Frost)

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