Azzari the WiseBlack Panther

Wakanda’s sovereign and protector known as the Black Panther, Azzari the Wise prioritizes his people above all else.



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Meet the men who preceded T’Challa and Shuri as protectors of Wakanda!



Aptly named Azzari the Wise, this Black Panther possesses the confidence and wisdom to keep Wakanda’s borders safe from outsiders, and doesn’t take any chances that would harm his people.


Inheriting a Legacy

Hailing from a line of Black Panther-mantle wearers, Azzari the Wise takes his duty to his people and his nation of Wakanda seriously. He leads with experience and wisdom alongside his wife, Queen Nanali, and their two sons, T’Chaka and S’Yan.


Enhanced Senses

To become Wakanda’s Black Panther, Azzari ingests the heart-shaped herb which endows him with low-level superhuman abilities. Such powers include enhanced strength, hearing, sight, and senses. He’s a highly effective armed and unarmed combatant, wielding a shield and two scythes.


Fascist Foes

When Nazis come calling on Wakanda’s borders hoping to pillage the nation’s precious resource, Vibranium, Azzari stops them in their tracks. He also faces Nazi leaders Johann Shmidt, AKA Red Skull, and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, AKA Baron Strucker, but leaves them running away back to Germany empty handed.


World War II Allies

When Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, Nick Fury, and his Howling Commandos visit the border of Wakanda to warn them of a nearby Nazi force, Azzari prevents them from crossing the border, maintaining that outsiders, no matter their intention, are welcome in Wakanda. Despite Azzari’s reluctance at first to let them in, he eventually agrees to an alliance with them against Nazi forces.

Azzari cares deeply for his family. During the attempted invasion by the Nazis, Azzari takes time to address his sons’ sibling rivalry as they fight over a kingdom that hangs in the balance.



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Wakanda’s Warrior King

During World War II, the Nazis attempted to cross into Wakanda to steal Vibranium, but Azzari and his warriors slay them for their intentions. They place their heads on spikes to warn others to stay away. When Captain America and his allies the Howling Commandos arrived on Wakanda’s border to warn them about the Nazi troops, they find their enemies already defeated. Azzari and his forces suddenly surround Cap, assuming that Cap was there for the Vibranium as well to help defeat his enemies. Cap doesn’t deny it and in fact encourages Azzari to pick a side during these dangerous times. When Cap crossed a line and asserted his authority over Azzari, Azzari kicked him away. He told his men to stand down and while he recognized that Cap has the potential to become like him for his people, he also took a moment to teach Cap a lesson. They fought in hand-to-hand combat and while Cap lost, Azzari remained opened to discuss cooperation against their common enemy.

Ultimately Azzari and his warriors the Dora Milaje fought alongside Cap and his allies when the Nazi leaders Red Skull and Baron Strucker posed an even greater threat to Wakanda with their super-powered Nazi platoon. Outmanned and outgunned, Azzari and Cap battled Master Man, Warrior Woman, White Gorilla, and the Red Skull. During the fighting, Azzari’s children were threatened, but ally and Howling Commando Gabriel Jones saved them, and later as a thank you, Azzari offered him Wakandan citizenship. Gabe appreciated the offer but declined so he could go back to his country and fight the good fight. Despite the odds they were all up against, Azzari and his American allies defeated their enemies and Azzari let Strucker go back to tell his Führer that his attempted invasion failed.

When the German officer Colonel Fritz Klaue had hopes to impress Adolf Hitler with a mission to Africa, he instead crash landed near Wakanda and remained the sole survivor. Azzari helped him heal, which turned out to be a mistake. After Klaue learned about the Wakandans and their Vibranium, he attempted to kill Azzari for access to it, but instead killed his queen Nanali. Azzari made out with his life and eventually defeated Klaue, taking his hand off.