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Natasha was an intelligence agent that worked for Sir Nicholas Fury. Although she wasn’t a citizen of England she enjoyed working for Fury as she thought that England’s money was good. She was called in to aid Matthew Murdoch in protecting the treasure of the Templars. She arranged a change of horses every two hundred miles exactly as Fury requested. Meeting up with Matthew in Picardy, both of them travelled together to meet up with the Old Man of the Templars and safely escort him to England. One night during a storm, Natasha and Matthew sought shelter in an inn. Inside Natasha bargained with some soldiers to buy their horses but the soldiers instead caused trouble. Natasha knocked all of the soldiers unconscious and stole their horses, much to her dismay as she was perfectly willing to pay for them. Natasha asked Matthew to tell them exactly where the Old Man was located and Matthew told her. Resting on a bridge Natasha asked Matthew to sing her a song. While singing, Natasha knocked Matthew out with a bottle and knocked him off the bridge where he plummeted into the water. Meeting the Old Man at the required location, Natasha and a couple of Otto von Doom’s soldiers captured him and the treasure. They also captured Matthew after he failed to rescue the Old Man and brought them both back to Latveria. When all of the heroes attacked Latveria to free the Fantastick Four, Natasha decided to steal as many things as she could from Doom’s castle, having growing bored of Doom himself. However Susan Storm had managed to escape from her prison in Doom’s room and knocked Natasha unconscious. After the battle, Natasha discovered a disfigured Doom, who asked her to hide his face with his mask.









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