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It is unknown if Blind Justice is blind himself, but it is known that he wears a mask that covers his eyes and hits his targets without even looking at them..

When the local flower shop owner Francesi was running an extortion ring in the neighborhood, Blind Justice set out to serve justice and kill Francesi for his crimes. Unknown to Blind Justice, both Hawkeye and Mockingbird were watching the flower shop trying to find the leader of the extortion ring. Hawkeye and Mockingbird joined in on Blind Justice’s attack on Francesi's men until Blind Justice was about to kill Francesi himself. Francesi wound up having a heart attack and Blind Justice left him in the streets to die. Instead of trying to capture Blind Justice, Hawkeye takes Francesi to the hospital where he would eventually die as a result of his heart attack.

While searching for Blind Justice, Hawkeye trashes a local gang run by the criminal known as Speedo. Speedo contacts his boss, who arranges to have Hawkeye killed and frame Blind Justice for it in order to get rid of both problems at the same time. Speedo contacts Hawkeye and tells him that Blind Justice might be at the docks that night. Hawkeye takes the bait, but unknown to both Speedo and Hawkeye, the Shroud decides to lend a helping hand. Speedo watches from a distance until Blind Justice sneaks up behind him demanding justice for trying to have an Avenger killed. Hawkeye notices Blind Justice confronting Speedo and tries to distract him by shooting arrows in front of him. Speedo then pulls out a gun and shoots Blind Justice in the chest. Blind Justice manages to fire a killing blow to Speedo as he falls from the rooftop into the water. Believing Blind Justice to be dead, both Hawkeye and Shroud leave the dock. As they leave, Blind Justice’s hand reaches out of the water to grab onto a ladder.

Blind Justice’s current whereabouts are unknown.









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