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A self proclaimed protector of the Quality of Life of the residents of New York City. Blistik enforced all laws, minor or otherwise, and anything that would disrupt the Quality of Life in New York City. He is willing to use any level of punishment, including death, to accomplish his goal of making the city into a peaceful city for the residences to live in.

When a group of men were fleeing from Captain America in a van, he used his staff to blast the van off the road when they ran a red light and nearly killed a pedestrian in the process. Blistik would later find Fabian Stankowicz on top of the Brooklyn Bridge considering suicide. This caused a traffic jam below as a crowd gathered to watch. Blistik encouraged Fabian to jump so the city could get back to its way of life. Captain America soon came to stop Fabian from jumping. Blistik believed that Fabian would find another quality of life offence to commit and blasted Captain America’s sky-mobile out of the sky. Blistik then tried to force Fabian to jump, but Captain America interrupted and threw his shield at Blistik. Blistik was able to block the shield, but it broke his staff in half, which cased him to fall into the river below.

It is not known if Blistik survived the fall into the river, however the Initiative has listed him as a potential recruit so he may have survived and might currently be operating as a vigilante.









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