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Serving as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Blob helped in the kidnapping of the President's daughter from Princeton University. While holding her hostage in Croatia, Blob first encountered the X-Men as they rescued her from the Brotherhood.

Blob later assisted Wolverine and the rest of the Brotherhood as they set free the captive mutants of the Weapon X program. During this mission, Blob grabbed ahold of John Wraith's helicopter and threatened to eat him. Blob lost his grip of the helicopter and Wraith was saved by Nightcrawler.

After Beast developed his blue fur from the Weapon X Program, he broke up with Storm and developed an online relationship with Mutantchick421. Beast believed that Mutantchick421 was an international model with a PHD in IFRA-RED Astronomy named Naomi. In reality, Naomi was Blob.

As Naomi gained Beast's confindence, Beast began to share details of the X-Men that were not public knowledge. After a series of conversations, Beast revealed that Magneto was not killed in Washington, but was actually alive, brainwashed, and living in the Bronx or Queens.

After hearing this news, Blob and the Brotherhood arranged a meeting with Beast and the fictional Naomi. The Brotherhood then attacked Beast, forcing him to mentally reveal where Magneto was. The Brotherhood then rescued Magneto with Blob not receiving any credit for his part.



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