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Beatta DubielBloodlust



A feral mutant, little has been revealed about Bloodlust's origins, though she seems to have some kind of bond with teammate Whiplash. She first encountered Spider-Man and Wolverine when she and Whiplash, along with Critical Mass and his Band of Baddies, attempted unsuccessfully to kidnap a powerful mutant girl and her father.

The two women later joined up with Knockout and Mindblast to form the Femme Fatales. Hired by the Chameleon, the Femme Fatales hijacked a plane and nearly killed Spider-Man, causing him to petition a scientist named Dr. Turner (actually Chameleon in disguise) to remove his powers. The four then teamed up with Tarantula and the Scorpion to attack the now-powerless Spider-Man and the Black Cat, but Spider-Man regained his powers in time to defeat the Femme Fatales, and left them for the police.

Some time later, the Femme Fatales were invited to join the female supremacist Superia on her cruise ship, and helped in capturing infiltrators Captain America and Paladin. However, Superia was ultimately defeated by Captain America, and for some time after that, the Femme Fatales kept a low profile.

In the wake of M-Day, Bloodlust was one of the many mutants who lost their powers.


5' 5"


120 lbs. (approximate)


Red with no pupils


White with black streak down the center

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