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The Blue Streak was an operative of the subversive called the Corporation who was assigned to infiltrate the international intelligence and law-enforcement organization S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "super-agent" program. Inspired by the large number of superhuman crime-fighters, S.H.I.E.L.D. had decided to create its own team of operatives who had actual superhuman abilities or, like the Blue Streak, utilized equipment that enabled them to perform superhuman feats. The Blue Streak wore unusual rocket-propelled skates that enabled him to move at great superhuman speed. However, the Blue Streak was exposed as a Corporation spy and was defeated in combat by Captain America.

After leaving prison, the Blue Streak led a successful career as a professional criminal in the American Midwest. His rocket skates and laser weaponry enabled him to pursue moving vehicles on highways and rob them. Eventually the Blue Streak clashed again with Captain America, who encountered him off a highway in the northern Appalachian Mountains. The Streak finally succeeded in decoying Captain America into going down a cliff side looking for him, while the Streak actually escaped in another direction. Unable to travel much further using his skates, the Streak hitchhiked a ride with the driver of a truck. However, the driver was actually the vigilante Scourge, in disguise, who murdered Streak. The Hood has recently resurrected many of the villains slain by the Scourge, including Blue Streak.

Note: There is another character that assumed the mantle of Blue Streak go to the disambiguation page for further information.




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