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Sally Avril was a girl who went to Midtown High School with Peter Parker and Flash Thompson. She was a great gymnast who became fascinated with Spider-Man when the Daily Bugle offered a thousand dollar reward for Spider-Man's true identity. She then decided to find out who the wall-crawler really was to earn the reward money.

Sally began prowling the city one night with a pair of binoculars when she came upon a fight between Spider-Man and Batwing. After this encounter Sally began to follow Spider-Man, eventually witnessing him committing a robbery for Electro. Following Spider-Man, Sally helped him take Electro down by giving him a swift kick to the head. To show his gratitude, Spider-Man posed with Sally for a picture. Sally (who by then was smitten by the wall-crawler) gave the picture to the Daily Bugle. Sally then got the idea to take pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle, but when she arrived she found out that Peter Parker has already taken that job.

Sally then changed her plans and decided to become a super-hero. Enlisting the help of her friend's father for weapons and equipment, Sally donned a white, blue, and black costume with a blonde wig and dubbed herself Bluebird. She then went to Peter's house and asked him to take action photos of her. When Peter refused, Sally blackmailed him by threatening to reveal his Spider-Man photography to the rest of the school. Peter still refused and then told the school about his job at the Bugle. Refusing to give up, Sally decided to become Spider-Man's partner. Stepping into a fight with Electro and the Eel, she enthusiastically took one of her "ether eggs" and tossed it at Electro, who merely laughed when only smoke arose from the shell, giving the villains the time they needed to escape.

Undeterred by her mistake and encouraged by her newfound fame — Liz Allan asked for her autograph — Bluebird joined Spider-Man's battle with the Scarlet Beetle. She found herself in constant danger but was luckily bailed out when Spider-Man threw one of her "ether eggs" into the Scarlet Beetle's mouth. Now realizing that Sally felt invulnerable because she was so sure Spider-Man would rescue her, the web-slinger decided to do nothing when the pair fought against the Black Knight's thugs. As a result, Bluebird was quickly beaten into submission. Spider-Man then lectured her, telling her she should stop being a superhero. Instead, Sally decided to take more action photographs of Spider-Man. She convinced a friend to drive her to a spot where Spider-Man was fighting the Black Knight. En route, Sally's car ran a red light and was hit by an oncoming bus. She was killed in the wreck.




110 lbs.




(As Sally) Black, (as Bluebird) Blonde

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