When Beta Ray Bill had sacrificed himself to rid the universe of the menace of Asteroth, an unknown entity merged his essence with a recently deceased human named Simon Walters. Upon breathing his first breath on his new home, Earth, Bill was disoriented both with his new surroundings and his new body, and he began to wander the streets of New York aimlessly. A speeding car swerved to avoid hitting the dazed Beta Ray, but that's when the trouble really began. An angry young man emerged from the car ranting about running from the cops and how he was going to get even with Bill for smashing his ride. He claimed they were going to get "Hog-Wild" as he transformed himself into the Boar, and slammed Bill into a wall right before he slapped a passerby taking pictures of him. Instinctively, Simon Walters hit the ground with his fist and underwent a transformation of his own. Beta Ray Bill was back and the Boar had more to be worried about than the police. The fight would have been a short one, but with the added assistance from Spider-Man, the battle was over in no time. The Boar was webbed up and hung out to dry while he waited for the authorities to pick him up.








Black (human), Black with brown fur (Boar)

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