Boris was friend of Victor von Doom’s father, Werner von Doom. But when Werner was called to heal King Vladimir’s wife, and failed, he took his son and fled from their gypsy camp and into the bitter cold of the Latverian winter. Once the soldiers that searched for Doom had left, Boris came looking for his friend and found him with his son Victor, freezing to death. He saved the pair, but Werner, who protected his son with his last ounce of energy, was beyond saving. On Werner’s death bed he asked Boris to watch his son, but he worried that Victor would take up his mother’s sorcery, and wanted Boris to protect the world from his dangerous son; though Victor believed that Boris was asked to protect Victor, himself. Boris encouraged young Victor to take up his father’s herbs and medicines and become a healer, using his powers for good. However, Victor found his mother’s magical tools instead, and followed his mother’s dark legacy. Later, the Dean of Science from the American State University in New York came searching for Victor to offer him a scholarship since he had heard of Victor’s amazing experiments that mixed sorcery and science. When Victor agreed, eager for the use of the University’s equipment, Boris was asked by Victor to stay behind in Latveria and await his return. As his loyal servant, Boris did as he was told.

Years later, Victor returned to Latveria as the armored villain, Doctor Doom. He soon took over the country and became its secret leader. And though Boris’ duty to protect the world from Victor has constantly been for naught, he continues to stand by Doom’s side as his servant, and in Doom’s words, his only living friend.









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