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In 1932, within his Mt. Wundagore Citadale of Science, the High Evolutionary (HE) evolved multiple animals into "New Men" with humanoid form and intelligence via his Genetic Accelerator. His twelfth success, Bova was an evolved Guernsey cow intended to nurture and care for other evolved beast-men. In 1958, Bova received the pregnant Magda Eisenhardt seeking sanctuary from her husband, Max (later Magneto). After several weeks, as Bova delivered Madga's children, Wanda and Pietro, Wanda's eyes glowed with energies instilled by the Elder God Chthon, who warred with Wundagor's defenders that night. While Bova treated the wounded Knights of Wundagore (HE's New Men warrior force), Magda fled to prevent Max from finding their children. When the visiting Madeline Frank (Miss America) later died delivering a stillborn child, Bova presented Wanda and Pietro to Madeline's husband Bob (Whizzer) as his own, but Bob fled in anguish. He placed the twins in suspended animation for years until he and Bova delivered them to the Roma ("Gypsies") Django and Mary Maximoff. Bova worked with Miles Warren during his tenure at the Citadel and she raised Jessica Drew, helping her adjust after reviving from semi-suspended animation.




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