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The women known as Broken Blade was just out of puberty, when she was initiated into an order of Intergalactic assassins known as the Black Dagger. During her time as a member of their secret Order, she was taught the art of death and the ways of killing. As time passed, she started to hate it. She had grown tired of being a lowly lapdog, and inspired to become the master of her own fate. However, nobody just quits the Black Dagger. They sent assassins after assassin to terminate her, although, she managed to kill all her assailants. Finally, the Order announced her “Blade was Broken.” This was to be a form of public humiliation for her and the best they could do, since they were unable to assassinate her. As a means to continued to support herself, she became a smuggler in a backwater sector of the galaxy, laundering her ill-gotten gains through a third-rate nightclub, also having the name Broken Blade.

While scouring the galaxy for information that would lead them to their dangerous target the Awareness, the mighty Deadpool Corps sought out the Broken Blade for intelligence and transportation. After a brief scrimmage with the Deadpool Corps' notorious leader Deadpool, Broken Blade engaged the formidable mercenary for a romantic romp in her private quarters. Blade later provided the Corps with transportation to the location of the Eyeball, who was the only being that had knowledge of the Awareness' whereabouts. Once she had taken them as far she could go the Blade returned to her nightclub.

Sometime later the Kidpool contracted the Broken Blade to train and provide weapons to the primitive Krook warriors of the planet of Kagan 7. However, before she could complete her obligation, Blade discovered that Deadpool was romantically involved with Princess Teela and she left Deadpool to train the Krook warriors.









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