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Brynocki is a sophisticated robot created to serve as both assistant and entertainment by Mordillo (Simon Bretnor), a former MI-6 agent turned crazed assassin. Brynocki was one of a multitude of robots on the East China Sea’s Mordillo Island. Having lost a million-dollar contract on drug-lord Carlton Velcro after Velcro died battling Shang-Chi, Mordillo sought revenge on Chi and his MI-6 allies, stealing their Solar Chute – a device able to focus sunlight into a deadly weapon. Mordillo kidnapped MI-6’s Leiko Wu (his former lover) to force from her further control over the Chute, and Chi and MI-6’s Clive Reston traveled to Mordillo Island to rescue Wu and stop Mordillo. At Mordillo’s command, Brynocki launched the sub-orbital Chute, despite lacking fine control over it and despite Mordillo and Chi being aboard it. Defeated by Shang-Chi, Mordillo jumped into the path of the Solar Chute's energy and was instantly burnt to a skeleton. Brynocki recovered the skeleton and vowed to continue serving Mordillo, no matter what.

Still serving Mordillo, Brynocki and cybernetic martial artist Shockwave were hired by MI-6 to eliminate former agents Black Jack Tarr, Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu (mistakenly believing them to be agents of Fu Manchu). Chi and Wu tracked a kidnapped Tarr to Mordillo Island and fought Mordillo’s robots. Deciding in mid-battle that Shockwave was crazy and not worth keeping as an ally, Brynocki turned against him. Shockwave teamed with Chi, Wu and the freed Tarr to destroy the robots and escape the island, leaving Brynocki to apologize to Mordillo's lifeless skeleton. Later manipulating Mordo’s skeletal limbs like a puppet and pretending to serve his orders, Brynocki sent the powerful robot Ultra-Men to slay Wu, so her skeleton could be placed by Mordillo as his queen. Chi and his allies destroyed the Ultra-Men, while Brynocki fell from a plane after Chi side-stepped his charge. Decapitated in the fall, Brynocki simply directed his body to pick up his head and began planning anew.

Soon after, the Spaceknights ROM and Starshine (Brandy Clark) unwittingly landed on Mordillo Island during their global travels. Brynocki felt they were trespassing on Mordillo's property, so he sent legions of robots after them. He brought along Mordillo's skeleton as his co-pilot in one of Mordillo's Dragon-Fly ships, attacking the two Spaceknights personally. Starshine shot them down, and Brynocki left the skeleton behind in the jungle so he could face the intruders without its added weight. Brynocki attempted to convince Rom and Starshine that he had been wronged in the past by Shang-Chi, but Rom saw through his ruse. The two Spaceknights left Mordillo Island, and the distraught Brynocki was unable to find Mordillo's skeleton, which had sunk in quicksand.

Via robots and a voice projector, Brynocki later used the illusion of a resurrected Mordillo to form the Golden Dawn cult, youths seeking to overcome death. Shang-Chi and Moon Knight tracked the missing youths and exposed Brynocki, who self-destructed, destroying Mordillo’s skeleton in the process. A restored Brynocki was reprogrammed to serve the assassin Arcade, who re-christened Mordillo Island “Murderland”, but Brynocki was reprogrammed again by Tony Stark and helped defeat Arcade.




60 lbs.


Black (white irises)



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