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Bucky II was a child named Fred Davis. When, in 1945, Captain America (I) and Bucky (I) disappeared, President Truman chose the Spirit of '76 to be the new Captain America, Captain America (II), and selected Fred Davis, a former batboy for the New York Yankees, to be Bucky (II). Davis was no stranger to either adventure or superheroes, having helped Bucky (I) to form form the Liberty Legion.

Bucky (II) became a member of the Invaders and worked against the Japanese during the war. After the war Bucky (II) became a member of All-Winners Squad, and fought crime by their side. When Captain America (II) was killed in combat and replaced with Captain America (III), Bucky (II) became his sidekick. Bucky (II) was shot and wounded in 1949, forcing him to retire from crimefighting. He was later voted into the senate.

It has since been learned that Fred Davis was a founding member of the V Battalion's Penance Council and has been active with them since their establishment.

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