Calavera (unrevealed if this is first or last name)Calavera



Calavera was a crime boss, running drugs and guns in New Mexico with the help of a corrupt sheriff's department. His operation was uncovered by Matt Murdock who left New York City to get away from his misdeeds while possessed by the Beast of the Hand and accidentally stumbled upon their criminal activities. Once Calavera's men knew who Murdock really was they tried to kill him, but Murdock defeated them and dumped a shipment of stolen guns into a lake. Calavera confronted Murdock, ultimately shooting him in the head, and demanded more guns from his employees in exchange for a large shipment of Mexican heroine. Murdock returned, the bullet only grazing him, and Calavera attempted to drive the hero mad by seeing into Murdock's mind and tormenting him with his darkest fears. Murdock, however, had faced his fears time and again, and was able to fight off the effects of Calavera's stare. Calavera was defeated by Murdock and arrested by the Drug Enforcement Agency who already wanted him for at least six homicides.






Solid black



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