Candi Muggins

Candice "Candi" MugginsCandi Muggins



Before marrying Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker lived alone in a Chelsea apartment - across the hall from Barbara "Bambi" Modica, Candice "Candi" Muggins, and Miranda "Randi" Couper. The trio had dormed together since college at the University of Maryland. Candi's aunt and uncle, Mamie and Barney Muggins, were the building's landlords. Frequently using the roof to sunbathe, the three were often an obstacle to Spider-Man when returning to his apartment via his skylight window.

During one Christmas when Bambi's son, Jordan, was staying with her, Spider-Man rescued the young ladies from a burglar who was heartlessly posing as Santa Claus. The crook, who obtained addresses of homes to rob from unsuspecting children, was caught in the act of robbing the ladies' apartment. Before Spider-Man could apprehend the crook, the "Santa" vanished. Apparently the real Santa Claus confronted the criminal, and brought about a conversion experience.




115 lbs.




Brown; formerly dyed auburn and blonde

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